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We manufacture and sell plastic and aluminium closure solutions for food, beverage and industrial markets. We aim to contribute to the success of our customers based on strong innovation, concentration on quality and efficiency, technical service and a global manufacturing platform.
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BERICAP tethered solution available for the GME 30.40 neck finish
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We manufacture and sell plastic closures worldwide.

Stories about Closures and Partnership

When a trustful partnership leads to great innovations
Trust is one of the most important foundations of all business relationships. What sounds obvious, is in fact a long process that will never be completed, since gaining trust is the one thing, but keeping it is based on continuously good practice. BERICAP, one of the leading global manufacturers of plastic closures, knows about the important of trust and continuously works on mutually trustful relationships with its customers. This strategy has been paying off and convinces partners all over the world.

Convincing Chinese doubters - A success story of precision, quality and innovative strength.
BERICAP China and Suzhou Zi Jin Plastic Co., Ltd wrote a success story without compare and showed that a relationship among equals leads to optimum results for all parties.
BERICAP supplies closures made from sustainable resin to meet milk consumers’ demand for “Bio” milk
BERICAP supplies closures made from sustainable resin to meet milk consumers’ demand for “Bio” milk
BERICAP has produced its first test production of closures manufactured from sugar cane derived resin. The project was made in collaboration with a leading milk producer, and a well-known European supermarket.

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