Our commitment to quality



Ensuring consistency and reliability

Quality is the result of the standard processes, methods, and tools we deploy to consistently meet the commitments we make to our customers.

BERICAP is committed to quality excellence as the basis for long-term, sustainable growth. We achieve this by supplying high-quality products and services, as well as by listening to our customers, solving their challenges and accompanying them as a process companion along the entire customer journey: we listen – we solve – we accompany.

We commit to a high level of customer satisfaction by way of:
  • Providing safe and reliable products for a positive consumer experience
  • Assuring the performance of our products and services
  • Delivering on time
  • Listening to customers and translating expectations and suggestions into appropriate objectives and actions
  • Ensuring quality by design in product development and optimization (including individual design solutions tailored to customer needs)

Ensuring product performance

Quality laboratory

Quality laboratory

All our quality laboratories are equipped with fully automated measuring devices such as CMMs and state of the art measurement equipment to perform tests for tamper evidence performance, tightness, and sealing quality.

All tests follow a dedicated control plan to ensure product properties and high-quality delivery.

Evolving and advancing technologies and techniques

Continuous improvement

We are continuously improving quality by way of:
  • People development through dedicated internal training programs to develop our experts
  • Process improvement and compliance by implementing consistent standards and use of best practices across the BERICAP group
  • Management of non-conformities, root cause analysis, actions to eliminate failures and implementation of preventive measures
  • Careful supplier selection and development to ensure defect-free deliveries
  • Setting and reviewing quality objectives
Continuous improvement

Meeting regulations and requirements



We ensure a quality and product safety culture by way of complying with all relevant laws, regulations and requirements. All production sites are certified to internationally recognized quality management system standard ISO 9001.

To drive hygienic conditions and Good Manufacturing Practices (GMP), all production sites are certified according to a GFSI-benchmarked standard.

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