Meeting the unique requirements of hot or aseptic filling lines

The JETS (juices, energy drinks, teas and syrups) and functional drinks markets have increasingly complex and demanding requirements for packaging solutions, filling processes, and sustainability. The extensive BERICAP closures program solves our customers’ challenge by offering a comprehensive range of sophisticated closures that ensure product integrity and operational excellence without sacrificing consumer convenience.

We accompany you through the process of selecting and integrating the ideal closure for your product, balancing significant closure weight savings while maintaining excellent gripping properties for easy opening and re-closing. The BERICAP bore seal design guarantees product freshness and integrity.

We offer a wide variety of diameters for:
  • Flat caps standard TE band (non-tethered or “tether-prepared”)
  • ClipAside Tethered caps
  • Sports caps

Ensuring safe closure application



BERICAP FlexBand, our new folded tamper-evident band, increases the ratio of protection against product counterfeiting or closure manipulation. At the same time FlexBand offers a superior capping application performance on high-speed filling lines with extremely low reject rates.

Full consumer protection

Venting technologies

Safe Venting keeps pressure build-up inside the bottle below a safe 2-bar threshold through a venting feature in the closure’s sealing area. By managing the pressure, it protects the consumer from the so-called “missiling effect” – a familiar hazard with certain beverages that have a tendency to ferment when being opened and re-closed and especially when additionally being stored at room temperature exposed to light.

Our venting technology eliminates this issue while still providing a secure seal.

Venting technologies

Closure solutions that meet special filling requirements

Aseptic filling and hot filling

Aseptic filling and hot filling

Many products in the JETS category are filled hot or on aseptic filling lines, which implies special requirements on the closure design and specifications. This prevents complications in the sterilization process, such as hidden chambers or open spaces that create a risk of residual contamination. During the hot filling process the closures must withstand hydrostatic bottle expansion and inflation to guarantee tightness.
Most filling lines also include high pressure processing which our closure program is suitable for.

BERICAP’s closure program for dry and wet aseptic filling includes flat caps as well as different types of sports caps (e.g. PushPull, ThumbUp). All these closures are available in numerous options and for different neck types.

BERICAP’s slitted TE bands offer significant advantages in comparison with molded bands, especially when using tethered caps; molded TE bands have non-regular and open areas which make it more difficult to sterilize caps in wet aseptic filling processes.

Optimized brand differentiation

Customized closure solutions

Product customization influences consumer behavior. Let us help your product stand out at the point of sale.

We’ve listened to our customers’ needs and have developed a variety of options for personalized and customized designs and overcaps that can be clipped onto almost all screw caps in our portfolio.

Techniques include:
  • Top printing
  • De- and embossing
  • Laser coding
  • Tampon printing
  • Digital printing
  • Lenticular caps

Let us guide you through the process of selecting the design that works best for your product.

Customized closure solutions
Consumer convenience

Consumer Convenience

Ensuring clean and effective dispensing

Product integrity

Product Integrity

Protecting against tampering or damage in the supply chain

Customization and Decoration

Customization / Decoration

Make your product easy to spot at the point of sale

Your Closure Selection:

  • The 1-pc BERICAP DoubleSeal screw closure, made of HDPE, and equipped with an inner and outside sealing lip, providing a superior tight seal for PET one-way bottles with 33mm 2-start neck finish. The slit flex band provide reliable tamper evidence, assures the integrity of the...


All BERICAP Beverages segments


Beer filled in PET bottles has a significant presence in the market. Both fillers and consumers appreciate the advantages of PET packaging in terms of consumer convenience and light weight.

Carbonated Soft Drinks (CSD) & Carbonated Water
Carbonated Soft Drinks (CSD) & Carbonated Water

Carbonated soft drinks (CSD) and carbonated water need special handling; the tightness and handling of closures on bottles under pressure are key to the product integrity as well as consumer convenience and safety.

Juices, Energy, Teas, Syrup (JETS)
Juices, Energy, Teas, Syrup (JETS)

The JETS (juices, energy drinks, teas and syrups) and functional drinks markets have increasingly complex and demanding requirements for packaging solutions, filling processes, and sustainability.

Sport caps
Sport caps

The market for sport caps is increasing as the market for bottled water and energy drinks continues to grow. However, these caps are historically heavy.

Still Mineral Water
Still Mineral Water

Still mineral water is key for life. There is limited availability in the world, and it requires the best protection for the consumer.

Water Home & Office Delivery (HOD)
Water Home & Office Delivery (HOD)

The market for Home and Office Delivery (HOD) of water has been growing continuously in recent years.

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