Smooth and accurate dispensing

Consumers want a leakproof closure that smoothly and cleanly dispenses the correct amount of ketchup, mayonnaise, sauces, and dressings. Different spreadable condiments have different application requirements. As a service-oriented partner, we can help you select the proper orifice diameter, shape or valve insert to customize your consumer’s product experience.

We offer a wide range of hinge cap solutions for the most common stand neck finishes. We also work as a development partner for innovative and customized design solutions. We focus on sustainability during all phases of design and development, combining an efficient, lightweight design with the most recyclable materials. Whether your product is savory or sweet, thin or thick, BERICAP can provide the right closure to meet customer expectations.

Controlled dispensing designed for recyclability

Silicone-Free Valves

Silicone-Free Valves

BericapValve combines precise dispensing of spreadable products with today’s requirements on sustainability and environmental protection. BERICAP valves are ready for recycling. Our 100% silicone-free BERICAP Valve is made of environmentally clean TPE which is safely separated with polyolefins in the PET recycling stream. It’s “Made for recycling”, proven by top rankings in the independent Interseroh certification tests.

Effective dispensing is highly dependent upon:
  • The valve specification which is defined by valve cut length and material hardness
  • The shape, material, and weight of the bottle
  • Product formulation and viscosit
Clean dispensing of mayonnaise and other fat containing sauces

The white oil in TPE valves interfere with fatty foods like mayonnaise and different kind of sauces. BERICAP has developed a white oil reduced (WOR) valve that fulfills migration limits and other customer requirements for clean and controlled dispensing.

Our valve technology is available for standard as well as specific flip-top closures and necks and applicable to all squeezable products.

Balancing Convenience and Security

Superior Tamper Evidence

Spreadable products require a secure seal for product protection during transport and shelf life. The integration of a visible and easy-to-handle tamper-evident feature balances convenience and consumer trust.

BERICAP offers a variety of tamper-evidence features, including:
  • Tri-Tab Liner
    A convenient heat induction foil for a secure bond with clean peel removal.
  • Top Tab Liner
    An intuitive and robust heat seal with half-moon grip enabling easy removal by consumers.
  • Ring Peel Liner
    An innovative liner solution providing effective re-seal, user convenience, and additional brand communication opportunities.
  • Mechanical Tamper Evidence
    Some BERICAP closures offer specific integrated visible tamper evidence, e.g., tear-off bands, which avoid any accidental opening before the first use.
Superior Tamper Evidence

Optimized Brand Differentiation

Customization and Decoration

Optimized Brand Differentiation Customization and Decoration

Customized closures support your brand recognition on the shelf. Our different decoration options allow you to customize your standard packaging within a short period of time.

We offer a wide range of embossing, engraving, and customized design options to enhance your brand identity:
  • Digital printing on top
  • Top embossment
  • Side wall printing in multiple colors
  • Under the closure (UTC) promotion using laser printing
  • Lenticular images/textures
  • Customized designs

Ensuring Product Performance

Lab Testing

Be certain of product performance from the start. We accompany you through every step of the process. BERICAP operates comprehensive lab testing facilities on every continent to validate packaging performance. For ketchup, mayonnaise, and spreadables, we can perform all necessary testing including squeeze tests and tightness tests.

Trust BERICAP to assist with:
  • Closure specification: Identifying the right closure for your needs
  • Development and testing: Ensuring peak performance every time
  • Customer production support: Your partner at every step of the process
Consumer convenience

Consumer Convenience

Ensuring clean and effective dispensing

Product integrity

Product Integrity

Protecting against tampering or damage in the supply chain

Customization and Decoration

Customization / Decoration

Make your product easy to spot at the point of sale

Your Closure Selection:

All BERICAP Food segments

Edible oil
Edible oil

Consumers desire product integrity and an easy-to-use package. Does your edible oil closure deliver on these expectations?

Ketchup, Mayonnaise, Spreadables
Ketchup, Mayonnaise, Spreadables

Consumers want a leakproof closure that smoothly and cleanly dispenses the correct amount of ketchup, mayonnaise, sauces, and dressings.

Honey, Syrups & Liquid Confectionary
Honey, Syrups & Liquid Confectionary

Different sweet condiments have different application requirements. As a service-oriented partner, we can help you select the proper orifice diameter and insert to customize your customer’s product experience.

Soy Sauce & Vinegar
Soy Sauce & Vinegar

As a long-term partner with the worldwide food industry, BERICAP is always looking for new ways to protect the product, improve consumer usability, and reduce the amount of plastic used in packaging.


Dairy containers are evolving towards a new model of convenience and sustainability in a clearly branded package.

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