Drip-free usability for consumer convenience

Does your vinegar closure deliver a precise pour?

As a long-term partner with the worldwide food industry, BERICAP is always looking for new ways to protect the product, improve consumer usability, and reduce the amount of plastic used in packaging. Our innovative light weight closure designs work with PET, glass, tin, blow molded, and bag-in-box containers.

All BERICAP closures include:

  • Tamper evident systems: tear-off bands, bridges, or a tear-out membrane
  • Drip-free pouring lips
  • Plastic or aluminum options
  • Different design features and prints for shelf differentiation

We are successfully driving progress in product and market development for vinegar with a completely new neck finish in the new 26/21mm dimension standard.

Ensure a precise pour

Flow regulation

Flow regulation

Different foods require different pouring. A smooth, controllable, and drip-free pour improves the consumer’s product experience and reinforces brand loyalty.


Our BERICAP 2-Flow closures have an innovative flow control system for better and precise dosing.

With BERICAP 2-Flow, users can choose two ways of use: maximum flow for cooking, or minimum flow for dressing.


BERICAP X-Flow allows a constant flow for liquids like edible oil, soya, or vinegar – independent of the pouring angle of the bottle. X-Flow has two pouring orifices – one for a large constant flow and one for a small constant flow.

Clean bottle, satisfied consumer

Dropless feature

Improve the consumer experience with our dropless lip that has been specifically designed for edible oil, soya sauce, or vinegar. The dropless lip ensures that the last drop is returned to inside the bottle for a clean pour. It does not run down the bottle, leaving the neck sticky and dirty.

Dropless feature

Protecting consumer confidence

Tamper evidence

Protecting consumer confidence

Ensure the integrity of your product with our tamper evidence features. These include:

  • Outside tear-off band to remove on first opening
  • Tear-off membrane to remove on first opening
  • Molded bridges to break on first opening by lifting the overcap

The features can be combined to increase the tamper evidence protection.

All of our tamper evidence solutions undergo extensive quality and functional testing.

Enhance your brand identity

Decoration and customization for vinegar and soy sauce closures

We offer a wide range of embossing and engraving options to enhance your brand identity. We offer:

  • Digital or tampo printing on top
  • Side wall printing in multiple colors
  • Under the closure (UTC) promotion using laser printing
  • Embossment/debossment
  • Multi-piece closures in multiple colors

Ensure product differentiation

Custom Designs

Do you need something different for your product? Contact us for a custom design consultation.

Decoration and customization for vinegar and soy sauce closures
Consumer convenience

Consumer Convenience

Ensuring clean and effective dispensing

Product integrity

Product Integrity

Protecting against tampering or damage in the supply chain

Customization and Decoration

Customization / Decoration

Make your product easy to spot at the point of sale

Your Closure Selection:

  • CTC IP 29/20


    The 2-pcs press-on closure suits a 29/21 PET neck finish. The closure is equipped with an integrated hinge. A tear-off band, assuring tamper evidence, can be opened in two directions and thus is of advantage for both right and left handed consumers. The rounded shape...

  • The 2-pcs press-on screw closure suits a 29/21 glass, PE or PET neck finish. The pourer is equipped with tear-off seal for reliable tamper evidence and a flow regulator for controlled pouring. A non-drip pouring lip avoids dripping of product after pouring. The screw closure...


All BERICAP Food segments

Edible oil
Edible oil

Consumers desire product integrity and an easy-to-use package. Does your edible oil closure deliver on these expectations?

Ketchup, Mayonnaise, Spreadables
Ketchup, Mayonnaise, Spreadables

Consumers want a leakproof closure that smoothly and cleanly dispenses the correct amount of ketchup, mayonnaise, sauces, and dressings.

Honey, Syrups & Liquid Confectionary
Honey, Syrups & Liquid Confectionary

Different sweet condiments have different application requirements. As a service-oriented partner, we can help you select the proper orifice diameter and insert to customize your customer’s product experience.

Soy Sauce & Vinegar
Soy Sauce & Vinegar

As a long-term partner with the worldwide food industry, BERICAP is always looking for new ways to protect the product, improve consumer usability, and reduce the amount of plastic used in packaging.


Dairy containers are evolving towards a new model of convenience and sustainability in a clearly branded package.

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