Long shelf life and excellent functionality, guaranteed

Your automotive products have specific and unique needs. BERICAP has extensive experience within the automotive industry and lubricant sector. No matter the package size, container material, or product within, our closure solutions guarantee excellent functionality and a long shelf life through high physical and chemical aging resistance. Safe reclosing protects products, consumers, and the environment.

The BERICAP automotive product portfolio includes:

  • Tamper-evident screw cap closures with different liner systems
  • Closure systems with flow control and flow convenience features
  • Counterfeiting protection
  • Closures suitable for U.N.
  • Child resistance

BERICAP manufactures automotive closures in many of their plants, all DIN EN ISO 9001:2000 certified, ensuring additional security for most of our products.

Ensuring the best pouring and dosing experience

BERICAP Flow Control

BERICAP Flow Control

Ensure smooth pouring and a positive consumer experience with BERICAP flow control solutions. Our pouring inserts and spouts reduce the risk of spillage on the engine.

Flow control allows:
  • Exact pouring: Precise pouring from container to targeted aperture
  • Easy measure: A steady flow of liquid eases the measuring process
  • No loss: Easy and complete emptying reduces potential loss of liquid and reduces hazardous waste
  • No spilling: Reduces unwanted splashing

Closure features protect your brand and your customers


Protect your brand from reputational damage caused by counterfeiting. We offer a wide range of anti-counterfeit solutions that ensure consumer safety, ranging from hard-to-manipulate tamper evidence bands to security labels, special engraving, and laser codes in a variety of formats and designs.


Consumer convenience meets product integrity

BERICAP Ring Peel Liner

Does your closure balance security and convenience? The BERICAP Ring Peel Liner does.

Using a ring-peel induction heat sealing system prevents tampering, is convenient to open, and provides a clean and drip-free pouring experience.

Benefits of the BERICAP Ring Peel Liner include:
  • Easy opening — no tools required
  • Drip-free pouring
  • Leak-free reclosing
  • Refill prevention to protect against counterfeiting
  • Custom decoration for brand reinforcement

Environmentally responsible solutions

Sustainability & PCR

We’ve listened to our customers’ challenges with sustainability and offer many compelling closure solutions. From post-consumer resins (PCR) to light-weighting, we can accompany you through the selection and implementation of a sustainable closure solution. Our energy-efficient equipment helps you to account for reductions in Scope 3 emissions.

Plastic Resin Pellets

Improve efficiency and accuracy on the filling line

Technical Service on Site

We accompany - After Sales Service

Trust our on-site technical service to ensure that your project runs smoothly and efficiently. We apply our experience to help our customers with the safe application, increased line efficiency, and smooth integration of our products. For further convenience, we provide neck gauges and chucks suitable for our closures as well as our own capping heads.

Consumer convenience

Consumer Convenience

Ensuring clean and effective dispensing

Product integrity

Product Integrity

Protecting against tampering or damage in the supply chain

Customization and Decoration

Customization / Decoration

Make your product easy to spot at the point of sale

Your Closure Selection:

Other BERICAP Industrial segments

Agricultural Closures
Agricultural Closures

Protect the quality and security of your agricultural products with BERICAP closures. With three decades of experience as a market-leading supplier to the agricultural industry, we are well-known for our broad technical know-how and in-depth understanding of the market.

Automotive and Car Care
Automotive and Car Care

Your automotive products have specific and unique needs. BERICAP has extensive experience within the automotive industry and lubricant sector.

DIN Threaded Containers
DIN Threaded Containers

You need closures that can safely withstand extreme transport and storage conditions, but still maintain customer convenience. We can help you to balance these needs and meet U.N. compliance requirements.

Metal Packaging
Metal Packaging

Does your closure company have an extensive history of working with metal? BERICAP does. Nearly 100 years’ experience with metal cans combined with an in-depth knowledge of plastic closures makes BERICAP the natural choice as your trusted provider.

Plastic Pails
Plastic Pails

With so many applications for plastic pails, there’s no one-size-fits-all solution for their closures. We offer closure solutions that span a wide variety of applications, from flexible pull-up spouts to screw cap assemblies.

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