The International Technical Centre for Bottling and Related Packaging CETIE is in the process of defining a new neck standard for carbonated beverages. The new GME 30.40 neck standard has a thread diameter of only 26mm, reducing the weight of the neck and closure by between 1.4g and 1.7g, depending on the diameter of the neck support ring. The neck standard takes the latest trend of neck support ring diameter reduction – from the former standard of 33mm down to 29mm – into account. In contrast to other 26mm neck standards GME 30.40 will perform safely under all climatic conditions on bottle sizes of up to 3ltr.

BERICAP has developed the 7049 closure for the GME 30.40 neck finish. The closure can be equipped with a tamper evident band which remains on the neck or the ClipAside tethered cut after opening by the consumer. ClipAside improves the consumer convenience of the PET bottle because the closure can be opened and locked up to 180 degrees, enabling unobstructed drinking from the bottle. Since the closure remains attached to the bottle it avoids littering.

Download Drawing [PNG]
tethered solution available for the GME 30.40 neck finish