Clean Cap 23

The 3-pcs closure fitment is post-applied on beverage cartons with a 23mm pre-punched hole orifice. The fitment is equipped with a spout and a screw cap, which provides a tamper evidence band, breaking with first opening of the package. Tight re-closability after first opening is assured by a bore seal type closure. A cutting ring opens the carton when unscrewing the closure.

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Technical features

Product number 1431910
Business segment Beverages
Feature tamper evidence Yes
  • Consumer convenience
  • Operational Excellence
  • Product Integrity
Sealing system Bore seal
Market segment Beverage Carton
Juices, Energy Drinks, Tea & Syrups
Tamper evidence Slit TE band
Closure type Closure fitment
Filling technology Aseptic filling
Cold filling
Closure material HDPE
Container material Beverage carton
Container type Beverage carton
Neck finish 23 mm
Closure neck diameter 25 mm
Closure application Weld-on


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