DS 26/14 SFB-CA (7049)

The 1-pc DoubleSeal ClipAside Tethered Cap, PE made, with bore seal and an outer sealing lip, provides a tight seal for PET bottles with PET 26/22 CSD (GME 30.40) neck finish. Customized knurling. The ClipAside slit flexband provides 2 functions: a) product integrity: breaks reliably after first opening b) intuitive and convenient handling and at the same time complies with the European SUP directive to keep the closures tethered to the bottle for recycling and avoidance of littering.

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Technical features

Product number 1704910
Business segment Beverages
  • Consumer convenience
  • Decoration/customization
  • Product Integrity
  • Sustainable development
Closure neck diameter 26 mm
Tamper evidence Slit TE band
Closure application Screw-on
Neck finish GME 30.40
PET 26/22
Printing Laser print
Top print
Container type Bottle (ZH)
Container material PET
Closure material HDPE
Filling technology Cold filling
Nitrogen dosing
Market segment Carb. Soft Drinks (CSD) + Carb. Water
Juices, Energy Drinks, Tea & Syrups
Still Mineral Water
Closure type 1-piece screw cap
Sealing system DoubleSeal
Other features Tethered Cap


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