The 6-pcs non-refillable closure fits on the glass neck GF-148. It is made of an aluminium shell and an inner fitment made out of PP, PC, LDPE parts as well as a glass ball for efficient counterfeiting protection. The closure has four separate TE features, together with anti-refill protection.

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Technical features

Product number 1721701
Business segment Wine & Spirits
Market segment Liquors / Spirits
Closure type Push-on cap
Closure application Push-on
Closure neck diameter 32 mm
Neck finish GF-148
Container type Bottle (ZH)
Container material Glass
Closure material Aluminium/LDPE/PP
Filling technology Cold filling
Tamper evidence Other
Feature tamper evidence Yes
Counterfeit protection Yes
Anticounterfeiting NRF
Sealing system Bore seal
Other features Non-refillable
Printing Side print
Top print
Decoration customization Yes
  • Decoration/customization
  • Operational Excellence
  • Product Integrity


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