NEO 30/17 SFB 72KN

The 1-pc screw closure with 72 knurls is equipped with an olive bore seal and provides a tight seal for PET one-way bottles with 30/25 neck finish. The slit flexband support an easy and efficient application, assures the integrity of the product and breaks reliable after first opening. The specific height of the closure grants a good grip for the consumer.

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Technical features

Product number 1733010
Business segment Beverages
Market segment Still Mineral Water
Feature tamper evidence Yes
  • Consumer convenience
  • Operational Excellence
  • Product Integrity
Sealing system Bore seal
Tamper evidence Slit TE band
Closure type 1-piece screw cap
Filling technology Cold filling
Nitrogen dosing
Closure material HDPE
Container material PET
Container type Bottle (ZH)
Neck finish PET 30/25
Closure neck diameter 30 mm
Closure application Screw-on


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