The 2-pcs closure fitting is suitable for tin plate container with a 42mm REL piercing. The base part is designed with an universal insertion edge and the integrated pull-up spout, made of cross-linked material, is equipped with a tear-off seal granting a secure tamper evidence function. The screw cap is featured with a bore seal to secure a save sealing after the first opening and a handle to pull-up the spout. The closue is certifite acc. German and US law and is designated as child-resitant and suitable for adults.

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Technical features

Product number 1164905
Business segment Industrial
Feature tamper evidence Yes
  • Consumer convenience
  • Product Integrity
Sealing system Other
Market segment Automotive
Chemical Products
Metal packaging
Tamper evidence Tear-off membrane
Closure type Child-resistant cap
Key features industrial Child resistance
Closure material HDPE/LDPE
Container material Metal
Container type Metal container
Piercing diameter REL 42 mm
Closure neck diameter 43 mm
Closure application Push-in


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