SafeGuard 29/20 MAG GL

The 2-pc press-on closure suits a 29-28/21 glass neck finish. The pourer is equipped with tear-off seal for reliable tamper evidence assuring the integrity of the product. Furthermore a tear-off tamper band, which can be torn away from left and right side offere a second secuity step. A marguerite flow regulator supports controlled pouring. A non-drip pouring lip avoids dripping of product after pouring. The overcap is clicked onto the pourer and cannot be removed without destroying the closure. The screw closure is additionally equipped with a compound liner to secure a tight seal of the package.

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Technical features

Product number 1530202
Business segment Food
Market segment Edible oil
Other features Flow regulator
  • Consumer convenience
  • Operational Excellence
  • Product Integrity
Tamper evidence Tear-off membrane
Sealing system Bore seal
Ring liner
Closure type Push-on cap
Feature tamper evidence Yes
Filling technology Cold filling
Hot filling
Closure material HDPE/LDPE
Container material Glass
Container type Bottle (ZH)
Neck finish 29-28/21
Closure neck diameter 29 mm
Closure application Push-on


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