SK 55/27 MAB MDR (DIN)

The screw closure is suitable for plastic container / canister with a 55mm DIN neck finish. A ratchet band provides superior tamper evidence and brakes reliable with first opening. The closure is equipped with an EPE washer for safe sealing.

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Technical features

Product number 1353101
Business segment Food
Market segment Automotive
DIN Threaded Containers
Edible oil
Soy Sauce & Vinegar
Tamper evidence Ratchet band
Closure application Screw-on
Closure neck diameter 55 mm
Neck finish DIN 51/55
Container type Plastic container
Container material HDPE/PP
Closure material HDPE
Closure type Screw cap
Feature tamper evidence Yes
Sealing system EPE seal
Other features Spout
  • Consumer convenience
  • Product Integrity
Top seller yes
Topseller in Market Segment DIN Threaded Containers


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