SVB 60/32 MAB

The 3-pcs screw closure system suits a 60mm DIN neck of a plastic container/canister and is featured with a retched tamper evidence band, which breaks after first opening. The integrated pull-up spout, which is the sealing element of the closure and enhanced with a marguerite flow control, is furnished with a screw cap. Breaking its bridges and forming a handle, the pull-up spout (36mm) can be pulled out, allowing a target oriented pouring over a certain distance after opening the tear-off seal of the spout (2nd tamper evidence function).

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Technical features

Product number 1361301
Business segment Food
Feature tamper evidence Yes
  • Consumer convenience
  • Product Integrity
Other features Spout
Sealing system Other
Market segment Automotive
Car care
DIN Threaded Containers
Edible oil
Tamper evidence Ratchet band
Slit TE band
Closure type Screw cap
Closure material HDPE/LDPE
Container material HDPE/PP
Container type Plastic container
Neck finish DIN 60/61
Closure neck diameter 60 mm
Closure application Screw-on


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