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Tethered Caps

Consumer Convenience & Functionality

  • Intuitive opening and closing
  • Wide opening angle 170-180°
  • Best results achieved with neck support ring 31mm
  • Slit Tether Band
  • Parallel tethers prevent overbending or breakage even when used incorrectly
  • Fit for CEN Regulations:
    – min. 25 N tear-off resistance in vertical and horizontal direction
    – min. 15 opening and reclosing without tether breaking

Proven Compatibility

  • Consistent performance across all relevant neck finishes from 26mm to 38mm
  • Solution available for various beverage product categories
Tethered Caps
Tethered Caps

Consumer Study Insights

Consumer from children to seniors tested bottles with ClipAside during daily life situations with many positive impressions.

  • ,,Short efficient learning curve!’’
  • ,,Fast adaption by all generations’’
  • ,,Very easy and comfortable closure handling. Already after first use’’
  • ,,The closure opening and closing is logical, fast and modern’’
  • ,,No loss of caps any more – how cool and sustainable!’’
  • ,,The cap is protected from microbes. Very hygienic.’’

Operations Excellence

  • For Bottlers
    • No change to neck
    • No change to filling equipment
    • No or little change to capper or line inspection systems
  • For Converters
    • Use of existing production equipment: as little as possible modification to the existing equipment
    • Thanks to external slitting of the TE-bands high output per sqm
  • BERICAP in-house mold maker
    • Tethered cap features will lead to massive mold replacements: BERICAP mold building capacity has been built up to be prepared for the expected tool capacity bottle neck of the market
Operations Excellence
Hot and Aseptic Filling

Customer Flexibility

  • Tested and approved set of product solutions to meet
    • CEN regulation specifications
    • Consumer acceptance
    • Production and filling process requirements
  • Availability of samples for
    • Consumer testing on customer product
    • Filling line trials
  • Support with potentially necessary filling line modifications
  • Flexible transition due to slitting technology
    1) transfer to new shell design with standard slit
    2) change the slitting geometry to tethered whenever ready
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