Trust is one of the most important foundations of all business relationships. What sounds obvious, is in fact a long process that will never be completed, since gaining trust is the one thing, but keeping it is based on continuously good practice. BERICAP, one of the leading global manufacturers of plastic closures, knows about the important of trust and continuously works on mutually trustful relationships with its customers. This strategy has been paying off and convinces partners all over the world.

When BERICAP completed their first small delivery to one of the leading agricultural input companies in the world, probably no one expected that this business relationship would lead to a very special partnership being a model for many more. But it seems as if BERICAP did quite a good job with those few closures from the first days. Agrochemical products are quite sensitive towards environmental impacts and therefore need specific protection through their packaging. Furthermore, leakage protection is essential to protect the environment and the customers handling the products. This was what BERICAP was able to deliver, so the supply volume increased steadily. But this still was just the beginning.

Within the following years of cooperation, BERICAP became an important partner for its customer – and for many other clients not only in the agrochemical sector. Continuous improvement and ambitious R&D efforts were the keys to BERICAP’s success. Today the closure expert accompanies the whole development process of new packaging series for various big players – with special focus on the closure design. BERICAP convinces with its strong focus on quality and product development. And whenever a problem occurs, BERICAP scores with an unparalleled technical support. This competent all-round service on a global level is exactly what leading companies of different industries, e.g. Bayer AG within the agrochemical sector, search for. Within joint innovation and development processes, BERICAP is able to identify optimization potentials and to help leveraging synergies within the whole packaging process.

Global presence for global customers

Thanks to BERICAP’s global presence – the company holds 23 factories serving customers in more than 100 countries – the closure specialist is close to its customers’ subsidiaries all over the world, and BERICAP is proud of being able to deliver the same high quality and technical support standards in all countries. The standardization levels within the production processes at each and every production site have great advantages for both sides – especially in terms of delivery reliability. “In case of sudden order peaks in one region or in the unlikely event of complete production downtimes at one site we are able to serve our customers from one of the other manufacturing plants without the least delay”, explains Michael Caspers, Sales Director Chemical at BERICAP. “We are simply able to cope with every situation our customers are confronted with. This global network combined with our ambitious quality standards, high-level R&D and an outstanding technical support is surely our strongest USP.”

Anti-counterfeiting is essential

But the close relationship between BERICAP and its customers offers even more advantages for both sides, Christoph Thünemann, Group Director Communications and Marketing, explains. “Besides the benefits our customers gain through highly standardized processes – packaging, labelling, branding is massively facilitated – , we are able to help them increase the protection level against product counterfeiting.” Product piracy and product counterfeiting are sensitive problems with serious consequences when it comes to products of high value, e.g. in the agricultural sector. According to recent estimates, the financial damage reaches about 12% of the total annual revenues in the international markets for agrochemical products. Especially for premium-quality and therefore upscale products, anti-counterfeiting is a fundamental issue. BERICAP closures dispose of a security label that is fixed over cap and tamper band if needed and breaks visibly into two parts once it is opened. An additional QR code that allows a product original check via app further increases the security level. “And what gives BERICAP closures the ultimate added value is that the label is printed according to our customers’ global corporate design, if they wish so. To sum it up, the package as a whole is one of the strongest solutions against counterfeiting available in the market while serving our customers’ individual needs, and they highly value BERICAP as a strong partner within their packaging processes”, says Thünemann.

Ready for the future

What has been created with various customers within different branches is a win-win situation for all sides. “Of course, we are very proud to be a major partner in the field of packaging for our clients”, Michael Caspers outlines. And the success story is to be continued. Further joint innovation projects in the field of packaging with well-known companies have already been set up. But no matter what the future brings – BERICAP can be sure that they are able to be the right partner for clients of all branches and sizes.