BERICAP has produced its first test production of closures manufactured from sugar cane derived resin. The project was made in collaboration with a leading milk producer, and a well-known European supermarket.

Our customer’s objective was to manufacture a milk bottle, closure and label all from sustainable sources, and fill it with “bio” milk. The resulting pack is believed to be one of the first bio-based milk package in Europe according to our customer.

The first production run at the dairy producer was made in already in autumn 2018, and the packs can now be found on the supermarket shelves.

Additionally, a new very specific green colour was also developed for this closure to provide product differentiation on shelf. This colour was designed to promote the green credentials of the pack. The closure itself is a 38mm three start design with PE liner for use on HDPE bottles.

Tests at our customers filling line revealed that capping was not problem – the closures proved to be stable in dimension, performed well on the filling line and also capping was no problem.

Our customer is delighted with this development. Noting that working with consumers and suppliers to continuously improve the sustainability of products and packaging was outstanding. Our customer is convinced taking an important step with this, but certainly not the last.

The closure is now fully developed, and on shelf, so it is now up to the consumers to prove how “Green” they are!

Picture show as example the BERICAP DS 38/15 2T SFB

closures made from sustainable resin